Our Team

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Our staff are Clinical Social Workers who are licensed in the state of Michigan.  Visiting Counselors staff bring a wealth of experience to their jobs, as well as compassion, respect and enthusiasm.  

Visiting Counselors also "go the extra mile" and address mobility challenges and transportation barriers by providing mental health services in clients’ homes. Your counselor meets you where you live or at another setting comfortable for you. 

Our Approach

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Visiting Counselors emphasize a holistic approach, meaning that we consider the whole person and how they interact with their environment. Our staff help find solutions for clients and their families to address the challenges, complications, and barriers that come with aging and/or chronic illness. 

We believe that a home-based practice gives the additional therapeutic benefit that social workers have provided for decades, meeting individuals in their natural environments and delivering services so that persons we serve can thrive. Visiting Counselors, as an agency, is dedicated to treating clients respectfully, with sensitivity to culture, family of origin issues, religion, sexual orientation and gender expression. When we meet with clients, we work at enhancing their dignity through self-determination and improving quality of life.  

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In addition, Visiting Counselors collaborates with various community resources such as social service agencies and home health companies by accepting referrals and engaging in on-going communication.  We encourage our clients to sign releases to enable us to coordinate treatment with their primary care provider. And, because we have worked closely with community services we are able to help clients identify needed resources and navigate complicated healthcare and social service systems.